Trooper James M. Bava

   August 2015

On August 28, 2015, Trooper James M. Bava was killed in the line of duty as a result of a one-vehicle traffic crash in Audrain County. At 8:29 am, Trooper Bava, 25, radioed he observed a motorcyclist commit a traffic violation on Missouri Route FF in Audrain County. A few minutes later, communications operators at Troop F Headquarters in Jefferson City attempted to contact Trooper Bava by radio and did not receive a response. At 8:35 am, Troop F received a report of a Missouri State Highway Patrol vehicle crashed on Route FF, just east of Audrain Road 977. Emergency responders arrived on the scene and confirmed Trooper Bava had been killed in the crash.

Trooper Bava was member of the Patrol's 97th Recruit Class. He is the 31st member of the Patrol to lose his life in the line of duty. Trooper Bava is survived by his parents, two sisters, a brother, and a half-sister.


A Parents' Letter Of Love, Grief
by Mr. Jim & Mrs. Alyce Bava

It has been almost two weeks since you have passed from this life. Even as we prepared for and held the services and memorials for you we still can't believe that you're gone. We keep looking at the front door, hoping that at any minute you will walk in with your gym bag full of dirty clothes and give us that typical, "Hey, what's up?" Then you'd look at us with a big smile on your face and give us both a hug while saying you missed us. We miss your smile and the humor that always made us laugh. We remember when you were very young and you loved tagging along whenever we had to make a quick run somewhere. You always loved to be close by mom and dad. While you grew up to be a strong and confident young man you also grew in compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. Even when you teased one of the family, it was never mean-spirited, but always in fun. We are so proud of you, son.

Throughout your entire life you met and made many friends. All of them experienced what a wonderful, giving, and loving young man you are. Every person you met seems to have a story about how funny, helpful, dedicated, and loyal you are, James. You had an amazing gift of making every person you met instantly feel comfortable. We are so proud of you as a person and how you lived your life. You chose to live it with laughter and love and openly shared your Christian faith with anyone who was willing to listen.

You loved your friends and family unconditionally. Even when mom and dad nagged at you your love was unwavering. We have always had a loving relationship with you, son, and for that we are forever blessed. There were so many things we wanted to say at the funeral services, but couldn't because we were still trying to understand all that had just happened. However, we do want everyone to know what a perfect son you were. Beyond the great big smile was a great big heart with tremendous capacity to love others. You lived life to the fullest and were preparing to move into the next phase of your life─marriage and then children. Your legacy will be carried on by those you left behind. Their lives are forever changed because of you.

Holding your funeral was the most difficult thing we have ever done. No parent should ever have to bury their child. Living life without your smiles, hugs, and laughter is so difficult. You were our third child and one of the greatest blessings in our lives. The overwhelming love and support we received from your friends is helping us through this difficult time. We felt your hugs from every friend of yours who came up to us. Our family is stronger because of you. This is because everyone loves you, James.

As painful as it is to laugh without you physically by our side we will choose to do so. That is the lesson you've taught us. Thank you for the life lessons. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for the best 25 years of our life. Thank you for your hugs and kisses. Thank you for enduring life with gratitude. Thank you for coming home every birthday and holiday and occasional weekends. Thank you for being so understanding and forgiving. Thank you for openly sharing your Christian faith. Thank you for being a great son, brother, uncle, and friend. Thank you for the honor of being called your mom and dad.

We love you very much, James. We miss you so much it hurts.

We hold to the promise of our Heavenly Father that we will see you again in Heaven when we leave this life.

Love always,
Mom and Dad

"I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die." John 11:25-26

This letter speaks for itself and doesn't need an introduction or explanation. We wanted to thank the Bava Family for allowing us to share their loving and caring message that touches not only all who knew Trooper Bava, but all the families who have suffered such a tragic loss. We keep all the families in our thoughts and prayers. We also wanted to thank and welcome Jim and Alyce Bava who became Lifetime Members of The MASTERS in honor of their son.

See more detailed article about the life of Trooper Bava by clicking the link below these photos.

           Trooper Bava with his Parents                           Trooper Bava and his Dad                      Trooper Bava with brother, Joshua 

Trooper Bava and his Parents
Trooper Bava and his Dad
Trooper Bava and his brother
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