2002 Cpl. Steven J. Childers


Corporal Steven J. Childers recognizes the importance of public service. Professionally, he is the assistant zone commander of Troop I, Zone 2, Rolla. He is known for his positive example and has the reputation of "going the extra mile". While on patrol, he is known to carry balloons and toys to give to the children with whom he comes into contact. Corporal Childers also carries blankets and rain ponchos to give to homeless persons or hitchhikers who need them. While off duty, Corporal Childers regularly speaks to a variety of organizations. Missouri Ozarks Community Action Inc. (a youth life skill and parenting outreach); St. James Caring Center (educations mostly single parents in health and personal safety); Prevention Consultants of Missouri (mentoring youth for a better future); and Pathways (deals with youth and troubled teens) are but a few of them.

Last year, Corporal Childers requested permission to use compensatory time to help a woman whose car had broken down. The woman was ill and needed to get home to take her medication, but a Patrol relay could not be arranged. After Corporal Childers' request, permission was granted for him to make the 100 mile journey while on duty. Late last winter, the man responsible for trash pick-up at Corporal Childers' residence was involved in an accident where he lost his arm. Corporal Childers opened a special bank account and arranged advertisements through local media to raise funds for medical and transportation expenses the man incurred. Also this past year, Corporal Childers encountered a 73 year old traffic crash victim who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Learning that the gentleman was driving to another state to spend his last days with family, Corporal Childers escorted him to a local MoDOT shed. Once there, Corporal Childers proceeded to repair the car's exhaust system, so the man could continue on his journey.

It is the feeling of the board of The MASTERS that Corporal Steven J. Childers embodies what this Public Service Award represents. His actions are a credit to him and to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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