2005 Sgt. Norman A. Murphy


Sergeant Murphy has been an integral part of the Troy-Lincoln County community since being assigned to the area after graduating from the Patrol's Law Enforcement Academy 18 years ago. He has provided more than serve and protection to his community. Over the past years, Sergeant Murphy has shared his life experiences and genuine concern for others. He is a conscientious individual who lives his life by a high moral, ethical and social standard.

One year, just prior to Christmas, Sergeant Murphy stopped to assist a stranded motorist and gave him a ride home. He learned about the family's hard times during the drive. A few days before Christmas that year, Sergeant Murphy gathered presents and food and delivered them to this family. He continued this for several years until the family moved from the area.

Sergeant Murphy has a deep sense of moral responsibility to his community. During his off-duty time, he has acted as a coach in football and soccer. He believes coaching young people is a way he can mentor them and assist them in developing life skills necessary for their future success. In addition to mentoring area youth, Sergeant Murphy meets with parents to help them work through difficult times with their children.

In 2000, when Sergeant and Mrs. Murphy tried to sign up their children for a soccer league in Troy, they were told the league was folding. Sergeant Murphy formed a new soccer league and circulated a sign-up roster. Over the past five years, the Troy Soccer League has grown to over 650 athletes divided into 67 teams. Sergeant Murphy continues to fill the role of league president, a position he has held since 2000. In addition to those duties, he marks fields, organizes referees and schedules teams and tournaments.

In 2005, the Troy Chamber of Commerce voted Sergeant Murphy "Man of the Year" to recognize his long-standing service and dedication to their community.

It is the feeling of the board of The MASTERS that Sergeant Norman A. Murphy embodies what this Public Service Award represents. His actions are a credit to himself and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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