Missouri's Fallen Troopers

These are the faces and stories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice

to make the place we call home safer....

Sergeant Benjamin O. Booth
June 1933
Trooper Fred L. Walker
December 1941
Trooper Victor O. Dosing
December 1941
Trooper J. D. Ellis
October 1942
Trooper Charles P. Corbin
September 1943
Trooper Ross S. Creach
December 1943
Trooper John N. Greim
July 1945
Trooper Wayne W. Allman
October 1955
Trooper Jesse R. Jenkins
October 1969
Trooper Gary W. Snodgrass
February 1970
Trooper William R. Brandt
June 1970
The MASTERS Was Formed
January 1979
Trooper Dennis H. Marriott
June 1981
Trooper James M. Froemsdorf
March 1985
Trooper Jimmie E. Linegar
April 1985
Trooper Russell W. Harper
February 1987
Corporal Henry C. Bruns
February 1987
Trooper Robert J. Kolilis
September 1988
Corporal Michael E. Webster
October 1993
Sergeant Randy V. Sullivan
February 1996
Sergeant David C. May
May 1999
Sergeant Robert G. Kimberling
October 1999
Sergeant Robert A. Guilliams
February 2001
Trooper Kelly L. Poynter
January 2002
Trooper Michael L. Newton
May 2003
Sergeant C. Dewayne Graham Jr.
March 2005
Trooper Ralph Tatoian
April 2005
Corporal John A. Sampietro Jr.
August 2005
Trooper Donald K. Floyd
September 2005
Corporal Dennis E. Engelhard
December 2009
Sergeant Joseph G. Schuengel
October 2010
Trooper Frederick F. Guthrie Jr.
August 2011
Trooper James M. Bava
August 2015
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